The client owns two large adjoining stands along the ridge of Troyeville, with steep slopes and optimal north orientation. The project included the design of a master plan, consolidating the existing buildings, paths, open spaces, views and vegetation into a shared vision for the site. Architecturally, it included the design of new mixed-use and flexible accommodation, allowing for the cultivation of a local community of residents and users. The building was designed to be built incrementally over time as the client was able to afford, with simple construction methodology that could include low or unskilled labour and local artisans. The first phase would be to create the structural framework of columns and beams only, an open infrastructure that could be filled in and expanded as needed. Accommodation included residences for various income levels, a flexible dojo/studio space, craftsman spaces – both indoor and outdoor, a water filtering wetland utilising the substantial storm water runoff, and space to grow.

INITIATED: 2014 | Currently in process
LOCATION: Troyeville, Johannesburg
CLIENT: Private